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We have requisite experience, team and reach to undertake any complex Brand Protection projects in Indian sub-continent. Our highly trained and experienced team is conditioned to unearth and dismantle the entire supply chain in counterfeit trade

Import Export Investigations

As counterfeiting is a global trade, Imports and Exports of goods are an integral part, through which such infringing goods move from one geography to another. To effectively tackle this menace, all such players must be mapped and intel gathered on their activities/modus operandi. In such Investigations, focus is on gathering intel on import and export of counterfeit goods either imported into India or being exported out of India. Such intel on confirmation is also shared with concerned stakeholders in other geographies on need to know basis. Objective is to develop as much intel as possible on all such players operating in different geography and treat this as a global initiative, where intel is shared in advance to enable interception and seizure of infringing goods by the enforcement authorities or respective Brands. We always endeavour to focus on identifying the importer/exporter, storage warehouse and possibly source of such goods.