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We have requisite experience, team and reach to undertake any complex Brand Protection projects in Indian sub-continent. Our highly trained and experienced team is conditioned to unearth and dismantle the entire supply chain in counterfeit trade.

Anticounterfeit Investigations & Enforcement

Every popular Brand is susceptible to menace of counterfeiting. India with its massive population spread across vast geography, provides a perfect opportunity for counterfeiters to take advantage of this situation by manufacturing & selling counterfeits to gullible consumers. With huge Indian population falling in middle to lower income group, pushing cheap products to price sensitive consumers is fairly easy. This also means ready availability of huge market for all kinds of counterfeits, which makes India a preferred location for counterfeiters and their illicit operations.

Our specialized services of Anti counterfeit Investigations & Enforcements are targeted to deal with this issue. With trained, experienced and specialized team, deployed at all major cities in India, we are equipped to handle all kinds of Anti counterfeit cases across PAN India. We focus on identifying all the elements in the illicit supply chain with an objective of dismantling and dissolving it entirely. Our goal is to recapture the lost market share of our client with excellent ROI.

Online Monitoring & Analysis

According to a study published by J Clement on October 8, 2018, Global online shopping preference of customers varied from 23% to 60% for different categories of goods. Which means that depending upon the product category, preference of consumers to buy goods online is between 23% and 60%. Over 4 billion people (53% of the global population) are connected to the internet, and nearly all of them (92.6%1) go online using their mobile devices. (Source Nielsen). Thus, online shopping platforms also offers huge opportunity to counterfeiters to push their counterfeit products to unsuspecting consumers on massive scale. Being faceless on online platform helps these networks to being detected and busted.

Our online monitoring and analysis services is aimed to crack such anonymous networks and sellers by deploying specialized team to track such players and build intelligence to map their entire supply chain. We follow a set of defined SOP’s (within the legal framework) to build intelligence and evidence to track these perpetrators. With this approach, we have busted several large networks in recent past.

Supply Chain Investigations

Supply chain investigations are mainly focused on tracing the product journey from one stage to the next. As a process, in every supply chain investigations, we map various actors i.e participating companies or individuals, that operate in the supply chain. As per objectives of the investigations, investigative plan is shared and executed as per clients requirements. Objectives of such investigations may also involve other objectives such as ethical issues which may taint a legitimate product such as use of child labour in manufacturing etc.

Training-Enforcement Authorities

As all enforcement actions are led and concluded by Enforcement authorities, it is imperative that as part of knowledge sharing, we engage with them on regular basis to train them on product identification, share market intelligence and also be available to them for any immediate help in product identification. As part of this initiative, we have trained several customs and police officers, across all major states. This is an ongoing activity, which helps in capacity building and dissemination of information amongst all enforcement authorities.

Corporate Investigations

Our corporate investigations team deal with these investigations, which are primarily focused on unearthing fraud, theft, facilitation payment, unethical business practices, bribery issues pertaining to employees of the company.

Import Export Investigations

As counterfeiting is a global trade, Imports and Exports of goods are an integral part, through which such infringing goods move from one geography to another. To effectively tackle this menace, all such players must be mapped and intel gathered on their activities/modus operandi. In such Investigations, focus is on gathering intel on import and export of counterfeit goods either imported into India or being exported out of India. Such intel on confirmation is also shared with concerned stakeholders in other geographies on need to know basis. Objective is to develop as much intel as possible on all such players operating in different geography and treat this as a global initiative, where intel is shared in advance to enable interception and seizure of infringing goods by the enforcement authorities or respective Brands. We always endeavour to focus on identifying the importer/exporter, storage warehouse and possibly source of such goods.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence is a cornerstone for any successful Brand Protection or Supply chain investigations program. With huge network of market sources, across all major markets in India, we have unique advantage of obtaining all relevant information from a given geography. This also helps us in quick turnaround in all our cases, with excellent results.

Due Diligence

Our specialized and experienced Due Diligence team is focused on unearthing complete information about a subject Company, Vendor, Third party, a prospective Customer etc. This is to make sure, our client has complete and updated information on the desired subject for making informed and timely decisions.